How would 15-year-old you judge your life?

15 year old me

15 year old me

I read this article today about a 32 year old woman who suffered from dissociative amnesia; she went to bed one night and woke up believing that she was 15 again. This lead to a lengthy (and amusing) conversation in the comments about what 15 year old you would think about the current state of affairs. I turn 30 next month (which I have a lot of feels about), so the whole question really got me thinking: How would 15 year old me think about my life right now?

15-year-old me wanted to live a bold, creative life. She dreamed about living in France and writing novels and having grand adventures. She was also really angry, but she hid that anger from most people, including herself.  She was earnest and a dreamer. I put up a good sarcastic front, but I’m still very earnest at heart.  I’m slowly learning to do the things I dream about.

My 15 year old self would love that I live in the city. That I still drink tea and read a lot of books. She’d be amazed at all my brilliant, warm, talented, funny friends. She’d be surprised at my present-day ease with my peers, and the realization that I’m funny and a good story teller. She’d be happy to know that being alone isn’t overwhelmingly scary anymore, but a calming retreat. Calm would be a new experience for her, in general. She’d love to learn of all the places I’ve visited, she would flat-out refuse to believe that running was something I enjoyed, but she’d think yoga was cool. She’d love feminism. I imagine she’d be pretty shocked that I am married, that I’ve been with the same person for 11 years.  And she’d probably have to pinch herself, just like I do, at how lucky and fun and beautiful the whole thing is.

15 year old me wasn’t that worried about her body, so she would be heartbroken to learn that negative body image stuff has taken up so much space in my life over the past few years. She’d have a hard time accepting that I am not a full-time novelist or radical professor or bookstore-and-coffee- shop owner. She’d think my job had its perks, but when she found out I wasn’t writing or pursuing creative projects—well she’d think I really let myself down. She’d want me to own more clothes and would be very pleased with my asymmetrical haircut and recent interest in bright lipstick.

Overall she’d probably tell me things were pretty great, that I should worry less and write a lot more. How about you?  What would 15-year-old-you say about your life?

3 thoughts on “How would 15-year-old you judge your life?

  1. Jill says:

    Ok, first of all, I LOVE that picture of you! How adorable are you?? I mean, not all that surprising, but pictures of 15-year-old me are NOT that cute.

    That said, I really think my 15-year-old self would be amazed at all I’ve done with my life and all I’m continuing to do. She’d think my job was amazing, Boston is fantastic, and my number of great friends astounding. She’d love my red hair. I actually wish I could go back and tell her all of this because she really needed to hear it, then. But I guess she turned out ok, even without advice from her future self.

    • Tea & Trumpets says:

      Ha! There are a lot of less-cute pictures I could have shared from the same era; fear not.

      I love your assessment! (Both 15 year old and almost-30 year old me loves your read hair, too.) It’s nice to realize we’re all doing alright be our young dreamy selves.

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