Search Terms: A Lovely Surprise!

Occasionally I like to look through my search terms to learn how people found their way to my little, often neglected, corner of the internet. It’s most a depressing enterprise, because 95% of the time it’s someone searching for naked pictures of women. “Nipple” is probably the number one search term driving people to this site, mostly because of this post from last year.

But then some glorious person was searching for glorious things:

the house of mirth fanfiction

I’m sorry that you didn’t find any fanfic, but I hope you enjoyed your time here. (Although I can try and dust off my attempt at, essentially turning House of Mirth into a romcom.) I cannot express how immensely happy it makes me this is a thing that exists in the world! Carry on, my good Wharton fan.

It also brings me joy that people searching for various nipple shots are most definitely finding themselves disappointed when they land here, so really–Cheers all around!

4 thoughts on “Search Terms: A Lovely Surprise!

  1. feimineach says:

    Most of the search terms for my blog are hidden now which always makes me suspicious. Nine times out of 10, they’re looking for something grim and the collection of words bring them to my page. They must be disappointed.

  2. purebrightfire says:

    My favorite search term on my blog, leading to a post I did on Disney princesses: “Cinderella having sex with other princesses.”

    Yeah, I don’t want to know.

    I also get a surprising number of people who found me by Googling “Keith Lockhart’s divorce.” I had no idea that many people were interested in Keith Lockhart’s divorce.

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