This is my home


I live in Boston. I work a few minutes away from the end of the marathon; I have loved ones and family that have run the marathon in many years past. It is a joyous, beautiful event that celebrates perseverance and hard work; it’s a city coming together to lift others up–cheering people on, handing out water, congratulating anyone we see who looks like they might be a runner. It’s a celebration of spring and community and incredible accomplishments. I pray that it is always a celebration of those joyous things.

I’m heartbroken and confused; I’m so very sad. Over and over, I find myself saying, “This is my¬†home.” I don’t even know, yet, what I mean to capture in that statement, but I want to cry and yell and mostly cry every time I say that. This city has been my home for over a decade; I love it all, and I pray. I don’t even quite know what to pray for; it all feels overwhelming. But I pray; I love you, Boston. I love you so very much.

Photo by Shannon Sorensen

7 thoughts on “This is my home

  1. Jenni Taylor says:

    I’m so sorry. I’m in China and we all heard about it this morning. I’ve felt sick all day about it. All I can say is, keep being a light where you are. We need more good people in this world.

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