Hot Cheetos & Takis: You Can’t Stop Me!

Move over, “Call Me Maybe,” real talent has arrived.  For some Labor Day fun, please watch the “summer’s truly great jam,” performed by a bunch of 11 year old kids rapping about snack food.   It does not disappoint.

What does this have to do with gender, you ask? Well, not much, but I’ll suggest that the lone female rapper of the bunch is the stand-out of the group. And when it comes to social issues, this article does a great job of addressing the importance of these youth arts programs.

Here’s a list of 20 great things about this video, such as:

15. The appearance of a second kid on the hoop means that the folks who directed this video probably spent about an hour putting various kids on the hoop and filming them to make everyone happy. If you don’t think that’s adorable, I feel bad for you.

The frequent references to manners and their moms make this pretty damn lovable. I’ve never had hot cheetos or takis, but everytime I listen to this, I crave them.

Also, “snacks on snacks on snaaaacks” is now a constant refrain chez Tea & Strumpets.


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